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Mixing Desk

Nicholas Paul Simpson is a highly creative, classically-trained British composer. He composes in a wide variety of styles, and draws on his very diverse musical background to delight his clients. He has a great deal of experience composing and orchestrating for visual media, through his company, Aubergine Music Ltd. His work has recently been heard on Channel 5, BBC, PBS (in the USA), National Geographic Channel, Sky 1 / Sky Arts / Sky Movies / Sky Sports.

Along with his musical skills, he brings with him an ability to close the loop, by producing top-quality music, either in his cutting-edge studio, or by conducting and recording live musicians.

Every film, television programme or game needs a great, bespoke soundtrack; Nicholas Paul Simpson can supply the stunning music that makes the scene live, breathe and take flight in the imagination of the audience.

"Finding Nick to score our film was a blessing... We're still blown away by his soundtrack work." 

Liam Sanderson, Producer

"Working with him was both enjoyable and exciting..." 

Ian Mason, Director

Recent Selected Composing Credits
"Shrinks" (2013) - Paul Bernays, Director
"Sherlock: The First CSI" (2013) - Paul Bernays, Director
"How Sherlock Changed The World" (2013) - Paul Bernays, Director
"The Blonde" (2013) - Phoebe Wild, Director
"Weed Run" (2011) - Liam Sanderson, Director
"Too Short A Walk" (2008) - Matthew McMullan, Director
"Jack Rio" (2008) - Gregori J. Martin, Director
"Strange Digs" (2007) - Matthew McMullan, Director
"I, Rasputin" (2006) - Ian Mason, Director
"The Seller" (2006) - Liam Sanderson, Producer
"Lancelot" (1993) - James Callinan, Director

Recent Selected Advertising / Promo
"Battlestar Galactica Promo" (2014) - Pick TV
"Challenge TV January Challenge Promo" (2014) - Challenge TV
"The Blades - Biggin Hill Air Show" (2012) - Sky TV
"35mm - Tintin Special" (2012) - Sky TV

Orchestration Credits
"Run Away With Me" (2006) - Ken Bryant
"Perfect Day" (1997) - BBC
"Sounding The Century" (1997) - BBC
"Proms '97" Trail" (1997) - BBC

Education & Prizes
M.A. (York) - Film Music
B.Mus (Hons.) (Lond)
Licentiateship of the Royal Academy of Music
Pinnock Trophy
Sir John Burgoyne Prize